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CRA Network Membership includes full membership in the Wisconsin Economic Development Association (WEDA)!

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Network of Wisconsin has been developed to assist in building relationships and bridging information gaps that may exist between financial institutions and community development efforts that grow communities across Wisconsin.  The CRA Network will forward local and regional opportunities consisting of: financial literacy, broadband, housing, small business, workforce, community and economic development projects to the regional meetings of the CRA Network.

Banks often have a hard time identifying opportunities to invest in CRA type projects and they often carry more risk than a bank is willing to accommodate.  The goal of the CRA network is to both identify opportunities and collaborate on how to finance these projects working together with banking and community development partners.

We invite you to join the CRA Network and automatically become a WEDA member.  WEDA’s primary members are the economic, workforce and community development professionals that are facilitating local development projects through their expertise and experience.  As part of the CRA Network regional meetings, these professionals will be invited to participate in a social event in order to help financial institutions build relationships with professionals that match their CRA strategy.  As a professional trade association, WEDA advocates on public policy, educates on development tools and provides services that advance housing, workforce, community, economic and small business development help to revitalize and stabilize communities.

CRA Network Sponsor:  The WBD, Inc. is proudly a statewide sponsor of the CRA Network.  WBD is one of the most successful Certified Development Companies in the US, helping hundreds of businesses each year get access to low cost, long term, fixed rate financing to help business grow and succeed. As a mission based non-profit organization, WBD reinvests in other economic development activities.


Small Banks – Assets under $307 million

Membership fees are tied to regions.  See map   Call 608-255-5666 if you have any questions.

1 Region     $325   Become a Member     2 Regions   $550  Become a Member

Intermediate Bank  – Assets between $307 and $1.226 billion 

Membership fees are tied to regions.  See Map      Call 608-255-5666 if you have any questions.

1 Region – $500     Become a Member     2 Regions – $900 Become a Member

3 Regions – $1250  Become a Member   Statewide – $1750 Become a Member

Large Bank – Over $1.226 in Assets

Membership fees are tied to regions.  See map   Call 608-255-5666 if you have any questions.

1 Region – $650     Become a Member   2 Regions  $1100  Become a Member

3 Regions – $1450 Become a Member   Statewide $ 1950  Become a Member

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Corporate Members

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